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A Written Text That Showing Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises That Isolated In Yellow Background.
Industrial Manufacturing

MSME Registration Required for Industrial Units

A country’s main development depends upon the MSME sector and this has been proved very well in the case of India. It acts as the economy’s backbone and plays its role well in the development sector. What is meant by MSME? MSME – Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise plays a major contribution in the Industrial units, contributing to 45% of India’s total employment industry, the total export of 50% and …

3d rendering cyborg control robot assembly line in automobile manufacturing industry.
Industrial Manufacturing

What are the raw materials utilized by the auto manufacturers?

Have you ever wondered how your automobile is manufactured and what materials they use for manufacturing? Well, I guess most people have had that thought in their mind several times. Recently, I had a discussion with one of the top jeep dealers in Chennai about the raw materials used by the manufacturers. As he is a professional in this field, he briefly explained about each material utilized in the manufacturing …