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What are the raw materials utilized by the auto manufacturers?

Have you ever wondered how your automobile is manufactured and what materials they use for manufacturing? Well, I guess most people have had that thought in their mind several times. Recently, I had a discussion with one of the top jeep dealers in Chennai about the raw materials used by the manufacturers. As he is a professional in this field, he briefly explained about each material utilized in the manufacturing process of automobiles. Well, in this blog, let us discuss some of the important raw materials used for automobile manufacturing.

Generally, automobiles like Jeeps need a large range of raw materials for production. It includes glass, aluminum, iron, steel and petroleum products like rubber, plastics and special fibers. Numerous component parts are assembled for creating a complete automobile. Besides the large basic building block like transmissions and engines, certain interior parts like HVAC systems, seats, instrument panels and necessary wiring are used so as to tie together. The materials utilized for constructing various components have slightly changed over the years. However, the main parts needed for automotive manufacturing remains mostly the same.

How steel is utilized in the auto manufacturing process?

Formed from excavated iron ore, steel is the widely utilized material in auto manufacturing. Approximately, steel occupies 80% of the car’s weight. It is used for constructing the body and chassis of the car that includes door panels, body and roof and also the beams in the middle of doors. Steel is utilized in the manufacture of exhaust pipes and mufflers. Technological advancement has helped auto manufacturers to use different kinds of steel with different ranges of rigidity.

Steel plays an important role in the manufacturing sector of the automobile industry.

How aluminum is utilized in the auto manufacturing process?

Mainly due to its lightweight and malleability nature, aluminum is increasingly utilized in auto manufacturing. It has developed from 2% of the average car’s weight to about 15% today. The car wheels are made using aluminum. It has replaced iron and steel in the development of several critical auto parts like engine blocks.

How plastics are utilized in the manufacturing process?

Gas and oil that is plastic are the natural resources of numerous plastic parts in the cars. The chemical companies transform petroleum derivatives into the plastic. It is the competitor to steel for distinction in auto manufacturing. Plastic consists of about 50% of parts that go into the manufacturing process of a new vehicle. Numerous parts are manufactured from plastic and some important parts are airbags, the dashboard, air vents, and door handles. The lightweight, durability and versatility characteristics of plastics make as excellent material for several parts.

Usage of rubber in the car manufacturing process
Rubber is very important for cars. The auto industry plays an important role in the rubber market. One of the important parts of the car- tires are made using rubber. Along with tires, rubber is also utilized for manufacturing several seals, hoses and belts that are important for the working of the engine of the car. Rubber is almost like plastic. It can be easily molded into various shapes and is highly durable. The demand for rubber is mostly high in the auto industry. About 80% of the world’s rubber production is used for automobile manufacturing. Click here – to check out the new technologies of vehicle tyres.

A Senior Mechanical Engineer Working With A Speedy Glass In An Automobile Manufacturing Industry.

Usage of glass in the auto industry
If you cannot see anything out when you are inside the car, then it is of no use. Just like rubber, glass is one of the heroes in automobile manufacturing. Glass is closely associated with the automobile industry. When automakers drop their business, it directly affects the glass manufacturers and they lose their jobs. Glass is utilized in most parts of the car. The main use of glass is to develop windshields so that the person inside the car can see clearly and at the same time be safe from all kinds of airborne objects.

While driving, it is utilized to develop the side and rearview mirrors to boost the surrounding views. Moreover, fiberglass is utilized in the auto manufacturing process. It is utilized as a lining material. With the advancement of technology, glass is utilized to develop more innovative car parts. It is utilized to develop lenses and navigation screens for reversing cameras. It permits drivers to get a better view of things behind them.

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